Burden: a DJ and Techno producer

Burden: a DJ and Techno producer

Burden is a DJ and Techno producer playing us a tune slowly bringing us into a storm of sounds, clearly influenced by a deep knowledge and experience of music, and maybe even by the sky before it rains.

Burden claims his music was “a spontaneous evolution” pushed by the continuous search of new music and experiences. He started his journey in music when he was just a kid and was fascinated by the records his parents kept as knick-knacks on the shelves of the living room. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Nirvana. He became then more familiar with Jazz, Blues. It was only after being old enough to hang out at famous clubs in capital cities that he started to be fascinated and involved in the making of electronic and Techo music.

I find in this minimal genre and within its many faces, a pinch of all the music influences that brought me closer to music, from the aggressive rhythm of Rock and Heavy Metal, to the beauty and harmony and experimental vibes of Jazz. Here I found there’s all I need.

The name “Burden” comes from a need of identity for the man behind the name itself. “Making music this way was just an idea at the time and I needed to give it a clear and define identity. I felt the deepest need to find a new alias I could use to begin concretely, to find my signature sound, that specific something to properly define my “being a DJ” and a Techno producer in a world where it’s rather too easy for someone to self define so”.

So the name Burden in its origins like the one of a superhero was born in a very particular moment of his life and career: he worked at the Tate Modern’s restaurant in London as a waiter with no time left for his music, and had the pleasure to chat to famous artist Chris Burden of which at the time he knew nothing about. Researching for his installations and art works he begin to grow a fascination, and such respect for his progressive and provoking work. Feeling emotionally connected to the depiction of a restricted life, stuck in some loop to find himself everyday at the same starting point. Here the idea of taking on “Burden”, honouring his art.

Burden now has a clear message, almost like a manifesto:

“The idea is to transmit a perfect mix between energy, tension and hypnotism”.

Something that, listening to his tracks, seems perfectly achieved.

Play for a crowd for Burden is a playground, he tries new music (only with a good sound system) to see the reaction of whom is listening and dancing. It’s always a very emotional moment…

My intention on each of my sets is to create the deepest connection with the public and bring them through a journey where I tell my own story. I usually know the beginning of it, then I build the path slowly, directing it to a conclusion that suits the location, the lights and especially the emotional exchange with the public itself.

The best thing of this exchange for Burden is the bond with his listeners, to share the same energy and feed on each other.

He tells us he carves within the emotions he feels when listening to some music and tries to recreate them for his audience. “You get inspiration from the weirdest things and in the least expected moments”. There’s a variable equation he follows:

Kick drum → Bass → Drums → Synths, one of my rhythmic structures.

Burden has years of experience in what he does and that makes all the difference in the texture of his songs. He played for the first time in a club in 2010 in cities like Rome, Amsterdam and London and he produces electronic music from 2012. Burden and some professional Djs in the clubbing scene created a label called “Aurea Records”. Burden defines this project as: “A very important project keeping us constantly busy and that allowed us to reach up to important results, collaborating with incredible and relevant artists”.

Clearly, he has many projects running at the same time: he just finished to produce three different and very important EPS of which he declares himself: “Very proud and happy about, which is the most difficult thing to say for me since I’m terribly hard on myself”. He just released a vinyl on Riot Recordings, that got to place #5 on the platform deejay.de. And he keeps surprising us.

“I’m also doing a research on psychoacoustics that I will use as a thesis for my degree in Sound Engineering, and working on an album for it and with it”.

Thanks Burden! we feel incredible after chatting to you, hopefully we’ll be lucky enough to see you perform live at least once in our life time.

Good luck!

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