London based Funk Rock Power Trio “Forestlights”

London based Funk Rock Power Trio “Forestlights”

London based Funk Rock Power Trio “Forestlights”, was born from the ashes of a jam session, and prioritizes music and its colors to allow their style to be unique.

Forest Light’s name like any other good name comes from a good story: Max Vane (vocalist) and George Scott (Bass) used to live in the London neighborhood of Wembley together and one night coming home they stumbled upon a bulb of pulsing, artificial light near the tube station. Max stood in front of the light for quite a long time and turned to George: “Forest lights” he said. And that apparently was it, the name was set in stone then and it seems, like a good book or a vintage shirt, it was “it” to find them rather than the opposite.

Forestlights have been playing together for about a year, before though they experimented with music and different instruments for a long time and met at a jam session. “Something clicked” says Max.

“There was an instant chemistry between us that brought us together and got us to make music”

It happened naturally, like everything else about them. In fact Forestlights argues that although they want to keep their style, music and look as natural as possible, what they do spend time working on is how to “brand the band”: “(…) What colors to use, what effects they will have on people…”.

Forest Light have just released five new tracks, and every song speaks differently for them, mainly chilled in the versus, but rather hectic on the choruses. “We’d rather think of each song as a journey from start to finish”. Their creative process starts off from an idea, it’s usually a little melody or a chorus. “After the chorus it’s like everything begins to fall into place”, like a vital piece of the whole puzzle, that makes it easier for everything else to fit in and become a defined image, a piece of art.

At the very moment they are working on a EP, that will be called “Forestlights”, this way it will be easier for listeners to connect their music to them. And to involve more listeners in their project seems to be, in fact, the hardest part of the band’s current work:

“The amount of time spent organizing every single thing takes away a lot on the creative process: getting enough people to a concert, sending e-mails and sometimes getting no reply, applying for opportunities and getting rejected”

George and Max look at each other “Playing for forty hours just to produce one song. It’s a lot”. But the tale of this internal struggle goes tabula rasa with a smile: “You stick to it, you keep building all the time and in the end the reward you get makes it all worth it. We know it’s the early stages, we know there’s work to do”.

Work, right, which brings us to ask Forestlights what they do in their free time when they are not making music: “Studying, really. Sometimes we skate”. Hard workers indeed, and their plan for the future is in fact to work just hard enough to make it possible to live off their music.

Еhey don’t even have to think about it before they add:

“Could be a gradual process, but it’s about consumers, after all: once it becomes available to consumers it will be supported. If artist gets more funds, they can focus on the creative side. This change would enable people to have an option to live their life the way they chose to”

Thank you so much for chatting to us! Please have a listen to Forestlights powerful new release, “Caroline”:

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