Conversessions Jazz Band

Conversessions Jazz Band

Conversessesions plays mad Jazz, blending multiple sources and influences and styles intending to convey music as a beautiful chaos, almost as accurately as a Ginsberg’s poem.

Conversessions didn’t choose their genre, so they confess, it came naturally and out of the band members individual influences. It’s something closer to what the band calls: “Jazz Prog Soul, and it’s not a defined genre. We love it because we feel it’s the most genuine expression of our artistic tendencies combined”. The interesting and innovative name of the band comes from the fusion of the words: “Conversation” and “Sessions”, intended as the musical sessions and jams.

“Our name promotes the collaboration of artists and musicians alike, and we believe it is the very thing that keeps music alive”.

Conversessions want to transmits to his audience the impressions given in an emotional rollercoaster, passing fast through various states and emotions, and it is even depicted on their faces or body movements bouncing in different directions when they perform. “We want people to get excited naturally when they are hearing our music. We want to establish a loop of good vibes between us and our public” and not only that, since they get inspired naturally, they based their latest work and record on an interesting concept: “Giving the right importance to the little ordinary moments passing through our daily lives and routines”. During their live performances, the band admits it’s like they enter a state of constant flow, like of a tie, where they don’t care about playing anymore, but they just enjoy music so bad and feel the sounds deeply, loving to see how this triggers a chain reaction and spreads around their listeners.

The worse thing that can happen in a gig for these guys is anxiety, and we know it’s such a dark beast. They can end up feeling constantly judged by an audience, even if it would be more than usual in the entertainment business it is still not ideal, and takes away the fun. But when it goes smooth, they all agree the reaction of people is priceless and worth all the panic attacks you can get in a lifetime. Anxiety on stage can happen to professional musician although live gigs are their daily life. Conversessions have played together for six months now, but individually been playing professionally for about six years. The band instruments are as follows: guitar, keys, bass, drums and percussions and a beautiful saxophone. A fun fact is that the guitarist and they keyboardist have known each other for almost eighteen years but yet never composed anything. So they decided to get together and put down their first song, then called a few friends to play it and that’s how Conversessions started!

The band claims they get inspired at times by something as simple as a chord progression or a bass line, or even a drum beat. Maybe other times they get naturally inspired and enter some kind of composition flow. “Our plans for the future at the moment are finishing and releasing our first EP and get to line up gigs… then play at important festivals, it would be a great thing”. Although they are admirable for their energy, Conversessions open up with Soundeon regarding their struggle as musicians. In some places you live and gig, a musician is viewed as some kind of joker, somewhat unfit or not functional in society. Also the notion of playing music for a living seems to be considered “not a real job”.

“What we think is the best you can do to fight this conceptions and reshape reality and people’s point of view is just really know yourself, and express yourself truly with the music you make”.

And that’s what they actually do.

Thumbs up for Conversessions and their energy, press like here to follow every move:

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