DJ Drew

Dublin-based DJ Drew. textures his gigs with the notion of how irreplaceable live music is, even in the era of technological progress.

Drew. is a Dublin based DJ performing mostly House and Techno Music, but he confesses he doesn’t want to get tied down to genres so much. In fact, for Drew it is more about the feeling: “If a track or a song idea feels good, I’ll play it to pursue that idea”, a concept similar to idealism but going back to music… everything, in the end, seems to go back to music after all. His alias goes back to his one true philosophy: “One syllable, easy to remember and doesn’t limit me to anything”. Why set yourself limits when you can set yourself goals?

In fact Drew. doesn’t like to plan too much ahead, and doesn’t need to think to his next projects: he’s focusing on getting as many lineups as possible in the present, now, before the end of the year, and then he’ll play it by ear. As life always awards the realists, he’ll see great things happen. His music making process has this kind of feel to it, no squiggles nor doodles, just firm lines:

“I build the spine of the track on a good day, then I add bits to it and wait to see how it’s shaping. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes I’ll put it on the side for a while, then pick it back up and try again”.

Linear, calm, nice and dry.

Although his routine prescribes at least one hour a day of solid music researching for his next gig, Drew. loves to have fun with music and this is the most important thing for him. Dublin is a city incredibly vibrant with music every day of the week, every second of the day, and it comes almost natural to get inspired by these surroundings. The background he takes on is classical music for sound spaces, but the real heart of his performances goes back to his favorite band: Metallica. “They put so much energy and intensity into their performances, something I have learned a lot over the years”. It’s a perfect circle, since rock comes from classical music, you could almost call it destiny.

Anyhow perfection doesn’t seem to bother Drew. or his thoughts: he’s too busy loving what he does and preparing it with care and a down to earth attitude. He reveals the biggest struggle for him is in fact the distance to his gigs: it’s a two hours train ride for him to get into the city from home. For sure worth it, but incredibly exhausting. Drew. loves the networking side of his job, meeting people, being out haunting gigs down until a new line up is secured.

Although he doesn’t skip a beat, here at Soundeon we spotted a dreamer in Drew and when asked to picture a best case scenario of his future he replied: “I’m a full-time touring DJ, based in Berlin or Amsterdam. Berlin is the best city in the world”. The worst-case scenario according to Drew would be stopping to pursue music for whatever reason, but we don’t see that as likely.

Good luck Drew. Say hi to Dublin for us and keep on keeping on!

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