Kylypso: Greek mythology and indie electronica in London.

Kylypso: Greek mythology and indie electronica in London [interview].

“Greek mythology and indie electronica with synths and syncopated guitars, this is how Kylypso explores the new frontiers of psychedelic music in Bow Church, born and bred”

Kylypso is an East London-based indie and electro band with a peculiar and suggestive style and sense of aesthetics. They picked their interesting name from Jacque Cousteau’s ship: ‘Calypso’. However: “Calypso is also the name a nymph from Greek mythology — which is sometimes spelled “Kalypso”- so we went for the more characterful KYLYPSO, in our opinion anyway”.

The band landed to a happy place after years of writing, and the genre they made started off as proper electronic, preserved to give the band a flavour of authenticity to what the original idea was all about. They get their inspiration from similar bands and sounds such as theirs, but they are slowly trying new things and implementing them in their music: “When writing a song it’s our job to decide which is the most resonant and exciting way to package it up. You can distil this down to the choice of sounds and effects. Dry punchy drums come from the funky end of things, “reverbery” elements and delays refer back to the psychedelic aspects and sampling / weird sounds that bring in an electronic aspect”. The result plethora of sounds is what makes KYLYPSO simply KYLYPSO.

With their vibes and style, Kylypso wants to allow people to enter their world, and the way they all feel when writing and playing a live gig.

“This is where the zine comes in: with every track we release a zine to go with it which features friends who are doing interesting things be it music, fashion, art or anything really!”

The best thing about performing live is seeing their audience reacting positively to the set, and especially dancing strangers, like little miracles in the venue. “There’s no way to hide if an audience’s reaction is good or bad, especially in London because people tend to be pretty openly opinionated. But that’s good as we are ready to hear some points”.

What could possibly go wrong with such a positive attitude? Well, technology sometimes fails. The worst case scenario of a gig could be a computer malfunction, and there’s nothing you can do. “One can only breathe in, breathe out and try to get it to work” — this way keeping a very professional calm. Because in fact, all three members of Kylypso have been making music for as long as they can remember and working together to make beauty from two and a half years already.

The band has a new project, a new single coming out from 24 th of August. The way they make music changes from one song to the other: “A chord or riff can spark an idea, or normally one of us has a lyric. Then we start to develop it all together”. The inspiration comes and goes, but according to the band: “You need to give yourself an opportunity for inspiration to come. Paul McCartney’s answer to a similar question was just — You have to be ready to pick up ideas”.

Kylypso claims to be on board with coffee and tennis, but rather than hobbies they all have music related jobs to get fully busy with. Because the usual struggle is the next pay check! “You kind of accept it and get used to that. The flip side of the coin is that it breeds a certain freedom in lifestyle, breaking the 9 to 5 typical job boundaries. You really need to prioritise space and time to stretch your legs as an artist”. Like any other craft you need to dedicate real efforts to it. Kylypso has a dream to be able to focus full time on their music: “We would have rented a house somewhere in the middle of nowhere and written a record”. Rather poetic image for all music lovers really.

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