The expression is often given by many things, and a voice, especially a singer’s voice doesn’t disappoint as it is soaked in shades of feelings. Lon Oak is originally from Rome, but lives, makes music, and works in London. He studied as a pianist and loves the sound offered by classical instruments. It was this passion in particular that made got him to adapting something as classical as piano to electronic music, through of course the use of a synth.

The name Lon Oak wasn’t chosen by him: “I kept coming up with s**tty names… sorry” no, we like free speech, do go on: “It was my flat mate who helped picking the name since I couldn’t come up with a good one. She listened to my music and imagined to be alone in the woods, surrounded by oaks. From there comes “Lon” as in lonely and of course “Oaks” as in well…

The vibes Lon Oak transmits, in fact, a sense of intimacy, that music can be fully an intimate experience even if listened to with people around you, and it’s even nicer when you can experience both intimacy and excitement. Lon Oak reveals the use of percussions is designed to animate the experience of isolation with something a little more spicy within his beats.

“When you make music, you make it for others. Music isn’t selfish” this is how Lon Oak expresses his joy for a live gig, and the emotions reflected on people around him, listening to him. Surely someone with almost ten years experience in music doesn’t get scared of performing live, but even he admits there’s a weak spot in every musician that gets them to experience stage fright. “It’s ok though, the show must go on”. If you can’t’ fight it, go with it?

Lon Oak calls his creative process “organic”. He took songwriting classes and when confronted with the feedback he was told: “This could be on the radio”. And so that’s how it started: “My and my friend thought why not, why not going around and gig? It’s how a lot of good things happen”. So Lon Oak, originally a duo performing, started to be part of the live music scene in London.

But Lon Oak isn’t a project to continue in two. “I never thought of Lon Oak as a duo or a band. Feels like a name for one person only. A lot of musicians perform with a support band, but it’s them after all, that make it happen”. And like a lot of his songs to be experienced alone, it’s alone that Lon Oak gets his inspiration, but in other forms there aren’t necessarily music: “Maybe I’m going through a painting exhibition, or I’m walking down a deserted road at night and an idea comes around, so I just grasp to it really tight and turn it into something… when I can”.

In fact making space for music is often Lon Oak’s biggest issue. He has passion for cinema, and a dream to, in fact, compose original scores for movies in the future. “You cannot do just one thing in music, you need to learn how to enjoy the aspect of music even while doing a boring job. Life for a musician means also multitasking. Unfortunately, you often feel the pressure of having to be able to do EVERYTHING, having to be good at EVERYTHING”.

Lon Oak has a future project and dreams to have his own studio, a safe and productive space where he can lose a sense of time and compose until the day dies. “And definitely would be nice to be able to gig a lot more in the future, to finally unleash it all”.

And he isn’t even done yet: “Would love to be part of this progress and I’m ready to adapt to new technology, especially if this becomes a serious possibility”.


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