Iako Interview

Iako is a young pianist and musician who defines himself as a singer song-writer presenting himself with a moody and evocative six tracks EP called “Queen of Balance”, that he describes as: “Dark. And Very Personal”, a trait he’d like to keep in all of his songs and future projects. He recognizes the genre he makes within the footprints of Indi Folk music and Rock, he has
been listening to since a long time, and the decision to follow this path was spontaneous: “I didn’t sit down and think about the genre, it was a natural process”.

The themes of the EP he recorded in the studio with his four piece band at the time, plus a violin he had written music for, are connected to a strong contrasting feeling of belonging and not belonging, typical of whom left home to move somewhere else. “I’m from Venice, and London is very different” says Iako. “The pace, the time in which everything happens. I tried to transpose these feelings of keeping up with both life styles, and personalities” something it is in fact quite easy to empathize with.

But his personal experiences aren’t the only inspiration for Iako: nature and its elements, then, of course, water. Water he misses so much it remains at the back of his head when he composes or writes lyrics, keeping his songs liquid and smooth. And because time seems to be a problem in the big city of lights such as London, he doesn’t miss a chance to write down a thought that can further develop into a song.

The creative process he worked out for himself wasn’t always straight forward: “When I started writing at the beginning I wasn’t comfortable with lyrics, it was more about sounds I then tried to fit a concept into”. Nowadays though, Iako writes down notes at any time, even just one sentence, ore simply a concept to then expand it into a song. But the process still
keeps lyrics and music separate, before they match organically with each other.

“I didn’t grow up as a musician” Iako reveals “I studied Ancient Greek, Latin and Literature and I thought this is what I was going to do with my life”. And when he first moved away he wasn’t comfortable with performing live at all, but still while working a full time job pushed himself to play at open-mic events every day. “I was really bad at it” he laughs it away now. Now his gigs run smooth, and he admits people’s reaction is a sensation: “You can transpose yourself, see yourself on their faces when they listen to you”. A priceless spectacle maybe you get only by winning a soccer match (since we spotted a weakness for sports).

When asked what does your future in music look like, Iako’s answer is incredibly well defined: “I always had this feeling I needed much bigger sounds, that the songs I was writing needed bigger arrangements, bigger atmospheres”. He thinks when it will become a realistic possibility, he’ll put up a nine piece band. “I want to keep experimenting with music now, but
the ultimate goal is to open my own label, or a multicultural space where I can invest in young talent, organize events not only for music but for art too”.

Thank you IAKO, Soundeon is impressed by your progress! Have a listen to IAKO’s liquid music here and stay tuned for his bright future projects:


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