The White Stripes and doodles on chairs


The White Stripes and doodles on chairs

You would think of upholstering as a very strange and rather situational career choice for the present days. Such craft in the common imaginary is seen as artisanship and maybe you would think of an upholsterer as an old man of another generation who doesn’t quite know what to do with the Internet and doesn’t consider it that great of an invention. You surely wouldn’t think of the stylish, grunge rock singer and guitarist Jack White, front man of beloved band “The White Stripes”. Known for his cool style and distinctive voice, Jack hasn’t always been a very well known musician, as you can imagine the starting point of someone’s career can be really different from the present point.

Jack was an upholsterer, a very different business from music, and he run it under the name of “Third Man Upholstery”, that he then shifted to his record store and Label Third Man Records”, once he could. So Jack White was once in the business of furniture and he was also reported as being incredibly unprofessional with his work, writing receipts for his costumers in crayons and without any request doodling lyrics of his songs on the wooden frames of the chairs he was paid to restore. He says he still has some passion for furniture, weirdly enough. Anyhow he decided to close the upholstery business only when he did his first professional gig as a drummer for the band “Goober & The Peas”. It is known that most famous artists, musicians and actors once made a living with something incredibly different from what they wanted to get to, also due to the lack of opportunity sometimes, or due to the fact it takes a lot of time and hard unpaid work to get somewhere in these industries.

Calling out to all the now waiters wanna be drummers, to all the now cashiers wanna be singers, to all the now personal trainers wanna be bass players: it takes some real efforts, but maybe in ten years you’ll even think with some cheeky smile of those times you were scraping pasta from strangers plates, or giving wrong changes, of helping people lose weight, or doodling lyrics on chairs. Or maybe not, just keep going and have fun along the way.


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